Professional Fortnite Coach


Rank: Top 0.01%

Roles: Builder/Overall

Age: 18

Price per hour: $20

Region: US

Platform: PC

  • Building Expert
  • Positioning
  • Gunfights
  • Vod Review
  • Knowledgeable

Personal Bio:

I am always at the top of every game i play, Peeking at Diamond 5 in league of legends supreme in CS-GO My main competitive game i played for a long time is called WarZ Which was probably the closest to a battle royale before h1z1 ranking top 100 in the emulators and original game. As i Just started into Fortnite at the end of season 2 i have made it to the top 0.01% and peaked at rank 40 US with a 15.00 weekly KD and a 49% Winrate. I can ensure that i can give the best tips i can and constructive criticism to make sure you are being told your mistakes and how you can improve on which will lead to better overall gameplay.




Win Boosting

very skilled and efficient booster

From: znus


Win Boosting

Absolute monster, quick to level and had a clump of matches that summed up to a 63 kd or something like that

From: Fuyu


Win Boosting

bad stream quality

From: Artemesa


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